hello my name is becca i suck at descriptions but hey!!! holla at me!!

"You catch a lot of flies with honey, but you catch more honeys being fly."


Jane literally left the group because Luke was so terrible in bed




I can’t decide on who to give arianagrande.tumblr.com away to, so i’m going to give it away at random. Anyone has the chance to win my url since it’s a highly desired one and I feel bad about being biased. I’m going to choose the new owner of this url 1 week from today (July 23, 2014) at 8 p.m. PST time. In order to have a chance to win, you mbf my main blog treschiccc.tumblr.com, and/or my twitter  https://twitter.com/sharlene_ so I can contact you on both sites if you are chosen. I will check. Just reblog this post AND like it in order to be apart of the contest. Thank you. 



1 bio left!!!!!!1@!!!!11!!

Tell me that I’m wrong but I do what I please

Fifth Harmony - We Know (Acoustic - Live at Billboard)

idk y but i can never see pictures from the concerts that ive gone to on tumblr bcus it always makes me sooo emotional